The Milky Way

The suite is about a special mood, born of a certain time in life, the period between being a child and an adult. It is a time of longing for life and for independence. The era of excitement over what might happen, and all the experiences that come along the way. Experience as a measure of how far you have come as something to collect and compare with others. The series depicts girls and boys aged 12-16 years, how they approach each other, form groups, seeking identity

The story really has no beginning or end, it goes in loops. For it is not in fact about these young people, but a phase, an age, a sense that everyone must go through. Perhaps this is one of the most secretive man can portray, something that reminds us adults a crucial time in our lives that we can never get back. The period affected me so strongly that I am under 10 years returned to my home city to take pictures of it. The strong emotions I felt during that time is something I as a photographer looking all the time. Not always to take picture of, but to get to know them. I have focused on the body movements and how to keep their body that is so specific for that time. I think they said a lot of uncertainty, confusion, excitement and longing.

 Why it is called “The Milky Way” comes from Greek mythology. Hera woke up and she was breast finding a child she did not recognize. She pushed it away and the milk spread over the night sky. This period, we take perhaps the greatest step from our parent’s chest.